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Free 15 minutes initial video chat to learn more about how the tutor can help you and their teaching style. Only pay for tuition lessons and fees are due before the lesson begins.
Only pay for what you order
Before you've found a suitable tutor, you won't need to pay anything. You can chat with our tutors and then book your first lesson. No sign up fees. No subscriptions. Only pay what you order.
Professional tutors for reasonable budgets

Once tutors are approved, they set their own prices based on teaching experiences. To give you a rough idea of what you can expect at each price range, most tutors charge between HK100-400/hr.

  • HK100-200
    Fresh to Oxbridge Academy and with lots of availability and earning good early reviews
  • HK200-400
    Been tutoring for over 6 months, gained lots of tutorial experience and received positive feedback
  • HK400 up
    Our most accomplished, experienced tutors. Brilliant reviews and a track record of proven results

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